August Charity - Dogs Trust

Dogs are a Man’s best friend but why treat them for less? How many stray dogs are there in the world? How many are abandoned by their own master? How many die because of hunger, sickness, accidents or inadequate treatment? The list of questions goes on and on but there is one primordial one that we can ask ourselves. How can we make the life of these animals better? This is what Give Back Bingo does each month. It helps different charities in their endeavours.

 A new month, a new charity to give back to, right? The charity of the month goes to. Drum roll, please! Dogs Trust. Behind this dog centre, there is a purpose, one that makes a difference in the community. Do you want to know what it is?

Dogs Trust states that they want to bring about the day when every dog can enjoy life to its fullest, free from any threats.

Give Back Bingo works hand in hand with Dogs Trust this month through the means of a donation. UK’s largest dog welfare charity makes every effort to find a forever home for all its rescued dogs. It is a place where love, care and peace reign and all the perfect conditions are met for the well-being of the lovely canines. How does Dogs Trust work? Dogs Trust has 21 rehoming centres across the UK and Ireland. They accept dogs from members of the public, Local Authorities and even charities. There are currently 995 dogs in great need of a new home. When Dogs Trust runs out of space, they are always on the watch for foster carers. If you want to take a dog into your home for only a specific period, raise your hands. Wink eye. Dogs Trust assists the foster carers every step along the way, from food to bedding and so forth.

Last year, Dogs Trust took care of nearly 17,000 dogs. An astounding prowess that does have a positive impact on the life of these dear animals and on the potential fostering homes. All dogs that are welcomed in this dwelling place are given all the love, affection and treatment so they can stand on their own feet. In just six weeks, these lovely canines are sent to different places where a lovely family is looking forward to meeting them. Dogs Trust depends on the generosity of the public. They need your help! £1 per week. With only one pound you can help Dogs Trust by sponsoring a dog.

At Dogs Trust as soon as you sponsor a dog, you make a friend for life. You will get regular updates, three times a year. In addition, you will receive a special photo certificate of your lovely dog, a sponsor card, a fridge magnet and a window sticker. How about sponsoring a dog as a gift to your loved ones? This would be an amazing present and a meaningful one.

This is how it works on Give Back Bingo. The more you play, the more Give Back Bingo gives back to charities.

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