Awareness And National Days Of August 2019

Awareness days are both serious and great fun! Usually, awareness days are related to a cause or event that have important humanitarian ideologies. National days, on the other hand, are more fun or have a quirky side. Seriously! There are no limits on National Days… there’s even a National Bathtub Racing Day. Who came up with that? August comes with some interesting days as well. Here are three awareness and national days’ worth knowing about!

Yorkshire Day

Yorkshire Day is the celebration of the largest county in the UK. It takes place on August 1st each year. Its roots lie in the military and were used to be considered as a military holiday. This is all linked to the British Armies victory at the Battle of Minden. The date was recorded and today, we celebrate it as Yorkshire Day. The day is not only about reading historical achievements and eating Yorkshire pudding. There’s a lot more happening, from parades to gatherings! This year, Yorkshire Day was celebrated at Whitby – it was chosen because of its rich history! Missed it this year? Better be ready for 2020 then!

National Allotments Week

Since 2002, seven days have been chosen to raise awareness about allotments. Yes, those small patches of soil made for growing plants are important as well! The aim is to encourage people to live healthier lifestyles and grow their own food. This year, National Allotments Week falls on the week beginning the 12th and runs to the 18th August. The National Allotment Society is celebrating Shared Harvest this year. And plot holders will be sharing their produce or donating to food banks. You may join the cause as well! Simply visit for a list of the open days and events! It is time to grow! 

National Plum Day

These gorgeous purple fruit that is found on slot machines have got a national day of their own! In reality, plums have become a forgotten fruit and this day might make people rethink about the perfection of this delicacy! National Plum Day will be celebrated on August, 24th.  Pershore will be painting the town in purple! Pop on your plum patterned purple pin-tuck dress and show up on the day for a local fruity experience. There will be something for everyone; juice, cakes, savouries and even clothing. Don’t forget the Plum Fayre as well!

Are you ready to celebrate one of the Awareness or National Days in August? 

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