Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

Hundreds of thousands are expected to show up at the Bristol International Fiesta this weekend! The reason? Oh, nothing special… just around 110 balloons will be taking to the sky! Every year, this festival reunites teams from all over the UK for the mass ascent of hot air balloons. If the weather holds out, there will be a spectacular show to go to August 8th - August 12th!

The show kicks off from 6 am until late evening! Organisers wish to set the bar high this year! If the weather is promising, *look outside*, there will be an additional launch. We only hope that the weatherman gets it wrong!

We have a sci-fi legend joining the ascension as well! The incredible Darth Vader Balloon! This masterpiece was made in Bristol back in 2007 and since then, it has never been in the skies above Bristol! If things go right, we should see it float for the first time ever!

There’s another hot event worth seeing! The Nightglows. This is when a collection of balloons tether and light up the night sky in time to sync with a soundtrack. The Nightglows are part of the main events of the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta and each year, companies are chosen to host the ascent! This year, Airbus is bringing the show while BBC Radio Bristol composed the music!

If you’re going to miss it tonight, then no worries. The second Nightglow happens on the eve of the finale, on Saturday 10 August. Doing something on Sunday? Bring along your family, friends or that special one to a firework finale! The closing ceremony is graced with impressive fireworks while balloons float around to say bye.

Hmmm… there will be many of you thinking if you could get onto one of those balloons. Sure, you can! is the official website for the event. They allow you to purchase flights through their Passenger Ride Operators. Just drop by the Balloon Ride section and get in touch with one of the five operators offering their services.

Did you know that you don’t need to be in Bristol to enjoy the balloons? Some of the best locations to catch some balloons are just off Stockwood Crescent, Perrett Park, Clifton Observatory and Victoria Park… or at Give Back Bingo, where you can catch Balloonies Slot! It won’t be the same thing but still… it's balloons!

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