December Charity - Animal Health Trust

AHT, known as Animal Health Trust, exists to fight diseases in cats, dogs and horses. Thanks to their ground-breaking work, these companion animals are living healthier in the UK as well as around the world.

Nowadays, there are several fine charities working in the field of animal welfare. However, AHT is the one whose achievements and actions provide the greatest long-term benefit for cats, dogs and horses. Since this generous charity is keen for animals across the planet to benefit from the knowledge gained at the Trust, it trains many veterinary surgeons. They visit other countries to share their knowledge and educate specific laboratory procedures.

About the AHT

Practically everything that AHT does has the welfare and health of those animals at its heart. Based in Suffolk, this veterinary charity offers diagnostic testing and clinical referral services for dogs, horses and cats in East Anglia, across the UK and worldwide. Through their research systems, they develop new vaccines, treatments and diagnostic tests to help thousands of companion animals. What’s remarkable? Their commitment to education ensures that the knowledge they gain is shared globally to help animals.


AHT has been very successful since the beginning of its existence. Some of its extraordinary milestones and achievements include:

1963 – The AHT celebrates its 21 years of existence and is incorporated by Royal Charter.

2000 – AHT opens a new high-tech MRI facility, equipped with a superior MRI scanner. This allows them to collect detailed images of animals, assisting with accurate diagnosis and helping countless of these creatures on the road to recovery.

2013 – AHT celebrates its 50 years of Royal Charter and looks forward to the next 50!

What they do with the donations they receive?

All funds that AHT raises through their services, go straight back into developing new treatments to help thousands of more animals.

They aim to provide the supporting veterinary surgeons, Gold Standard veterinary diagnostic service and clinical management.

AHT also offers a comprehensive range of feline, canine, equine and cattle DNA testing. Any profits made from these tests are reinvested into research to further fuel DNA know-how. These are with the aim to benefit animals from all around the world.

Scientific Services

The Animal Health Trust is an organisation which specialises in scientific and clinical research on diseases. Their multidisciplinary expertise put them in a prime position to adapt their services to any business requirements. They can also offer a broad selection of services that include: Surveillance, Risk assessments, Protocol development, Pathological studies, Mathematical modelling, Genetic screening, Epidemiological studies, Education & training, Diagnostic analyses, Development & validation of diagnostic tests, Consultancy and Clinical trials of therapeutics & vaccines.

How to get involved?

There are several ways you can get involved and help AHT to continue the fight against diseases in animals:

Fundraise – Make a one-off donation or run a marathon, such as the London Marathon where you can push yourself and represent AHT.

Support an Appeal – Their Gift of Sight Appeal helps to support various examination projects to fight blindness in animals.

Attend their Annual Charity Race Day in June 2019

Leave a Legacy – One of the most significant ways to help AHT is by leaving them a gift in your Will.

Come to an Event – Join one of their events and help raise money for their important work.

Give Back Bingo is supporting Animal Health Trust this festive season. By making any deposit of your choice at any time, a percentage of it will be donated to AHT. Feel free to join this amazing cause!

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