The fragrance of freshly baked spice bread cannot seem to disappear from the fair. People are all over the place, pleasing their taste buds with all sorts of confectioneries. Just as a new stand lifts the curtains, foodies dash to take a bite of what’s on display. As long as it’s food, it’s going right under the teeth!

Food lovers find heaven at the Foodies Festival! This is a fair dedicated to one of the best things in life… FOOD! Live demonstrations from Michelin-star chefs are a common sight here. And people come to increase their intake of calories and fats with the best of London street foods. Foodies Festival reunites award-winning artisans and prosecco trucks as well. But junk is not the only thing to eat. Recent editions of Foodies Festival offer classes on healthy gin cocktails, cheese pairing and even tea!

Foodies Festival might be the UK’s favourite celebration of food. It takes place all around the country, from Brighton to Tatton Park. For the London 2019 edition, that’s happening on the 25th till the 27th of May! Note the date!

The fair is not restricted to buying and eating… there’s also learning. Get in the many workshops that will offer you basic tutorials on delicious recipes. Fancy a cocktail class? Or why not start wine tasting? Maybe you’ll prefer the A B C of churros making! The list is endless, you just need to take your pick!

Have you got a sweet tooth? Foodie Festival’s Cakes And Desserts Theatre offers free demos from the best chefs in Europe. After you’re done with a quick view of baking cakes, get to the Cake and Dessert Village. Tons of workshops offer cake decorating. Spoiler alert! Fill your tummy before venturing this far. Seeing that much of cake together will make you drool for a bite or two!

Wait… Do you prefer healthy cooking and food? Hmmm… good choice. You’re still hanging on that New Year Resolution! The Healthy Living Zone is all about cooking healthy and exercises. After a few workshops on veganism, salad making and balanced meals hit yoga classes or go shopping in the market next door!

A fair without music? Not this one! Enjoy live music and DJ all the way, from start to finish. There’s something for the kids as well. They will get children cookery classes, craft workshops and bouncy castles. How lovely is that?

Foodies Festivals is for all food lovers out there. And we’re the first ones to book the tickets! See you all at the fair!

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