The Gift of Giving

As a child there’s nothing more thrilling than opening a present. Then as you grow up, there’s nothing better than in giving a gift to a family or friend and seeing them respond with joy and happiness.

You’ve made them smile, and that’s worth far more than money can buy. At the same time, we find great satisfaction in giving back to people and the world. Many of us are far more privileged than others, and when we become aware of that, we should use this thought and help the less fortunate.

That's where the idea behind Give Back Bingo came from and what better month to launch than Christmas, the month of family and giving.

I'd like to thank you all for getting involved and say that no act of Kindness, however small, has ever gone unnoticed and it’s not how much we give, but the amount of love we give that counts.

Lots of Love xxx

Give Back Bingo