Here comes the sweater and comfy socks season where your only desire is to swaddle in a warm “oh so comfy” blanket and hibernate until spring!

Yet, when winter comes, it’s hard not to think of the cold and flu, fatigue, weight gain, that come along, right? But, what if we say, you might be wrong? Yes, you might! After all winter is not that bad and we are about to show you why. These are 7 surprising health benefits during the colder months and it’s completely going to blow your mind.

  • You might burn more calories.

Many of us think that colder months makes us gain weight. In fact! When the temperature decreases, your body works harder to keep up with the key body temp. And as a matter of fact, it results into burning more calories. Yay! So, cheer up and quit worrying about your summer body!

  • It can reduce inflammation.

Remember how ice packs used to reduce swelling and pain after an injury? Good news! You might notice your joints being less swollen during winter as the cold wind acts like a natural ice pack that can reduce the inflammation.

Cold temperature also promotes blood flow in both the face and body, so, no more inflammation or swelling to the eyes and face.

  • The cold temperature can be good for your brain.

    Did you know that colder atmospheres help people think better? Yes, it’s true! Research shows that people perform better when the room temperature is at a cooler setting compared to a warmer one.

So, next time you lack inspiration for your upcoming project, feel free to walk to your favourite coffee shop during wintertime! Who knows it might be the key to creating a masterpiece! *wink*

  • It increases brown fat and is a fabulous boost in metabolism for men.

Let’s be happy that the chilly weather is firing up those “brown fat” cells! But, what is it? Brown fat is the heat-producing and calorie-burning fat. It was thought that only babies had brown fat. Turns out, adults have some brown fat too! Research shows that men are more likely to have an increase in brown fat and a fabulous boost in metabolism when exposed to a colder temp. Amazing, isn’t it?

  • It can lower the risk of some diseases!

Yay! Let’s be happy that we won’t have mosquitoes buzzing around this season. You may be more likely to catch a cold but on the bright side you might be in the clear for some diseases that are common in warmer temp. For e.g. annoying mosquitoes are dormant during winter which can result into a decrease of diseases such as; Dengue, Malaria etc.

  • It can help you sleep better.

    What is the perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep? A warm blanket, hot tea, cool weather outside and dark, quiet nights that start early, right? There you go! Did you know that your body’s key temp drops when you’re trying to get some sleep? Yes! This process may take up to two hours in summer and is much faster in winter. The best part? If your bed room temp is between 16 °C and 19 °C, you might burn more calories too… So now, let the cold wind blow, enter dreamland!
  • It can revitalize your skin

Did you know that a splash of cold water on your skin in the morning keeps your skin tight and radiant? Yes, it’s true! If your skin breaks out a lot, you’re going to love what we’re about to tell you. In winter, your skin produces less sebum and oil which waterproofs the skin and results into fewer breakouts. Whereas hot water does the exact opposite and dries out your skin. Since a colder temp can help get you a good night’s sleep this can also result into less circles under the eyes and voila! your face stays glowing.


See? Winter is not all bad after all! But, if it ever gets too cold, stay cozy and treat yourself with a hot cup of tea or coffee. Don’t feel like going out? Play your favourite music in the background and cocoon yourself while enjoying the best games that GiveBack Bingo has to offer you. Happy Winter Folks.

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