Here’s How The World Celebrated Earth Day 2019

Dear Planet Earth… Have we forgotten you? No. Do we still love you? Yes! Will we protect you? We’ll try to…

It’s widely known that Earth Day is celebrated on April 22. Every year, every country of the world focuses on a specific theme. For the 2019 edition, the motto was “Protect Our Species”. It had an aim to draw attention on the rapid extinction of species due to human activity. If you missed on the celebrations of Earth Day, then no worries. Here’re the highlights of the day dedicated to Mother Earth!

Google Goes Doodle For Earth Day

“All life is incredible and worth celebrating”, says Kevin Laughlin. He is the lead artist of Google’s Earth Day Doodle. The animation showed the wandering Albatross, the coastal redwood, a tiny frog called Paedophryne Amayensis, the Amazon water lily, a coelacanth and a deep cave springtail. Why these? These are all totally different creatures! While the frog is indigenous to Papua New Guinea, Amazon water lily is from… the Amazon!

The artists wanted to show that these species are rare and unknowingly, humans are influencing the extinction of still-unknown species!

NASA Celebrates Earth Day With Fan Photos!

NASA had a social media campaign for the International day. They wanted to gear up the audience for Earth Day. Users may post a close-up picture of their favourite natural feature of our home planet with hashtag #PictureEarth. The user had to explain where the photo was taken and upload it on April 22. NASA plans to showcase these photos in videos that they intend on posting after Earth Day.

The motive behind this was to cherish the beauty of natural earth with pictures that showed the many times Mother Earth charmed the hearts of humans.

Apple Goes Ripe For Earth Day!

Why should Apple stay behind in celebrating Earth Day? The company modified their logo in its retail stores just for the day! They turned the leaves of the Apple logo green in honour of Earth Day. Certain retail stores have also provided workers with green t-shirts to mark the event. In addition to these, Apple shares a press release to update the media on its efforts to preserve the mangrove trees of Colombia.

Apple is also promoting their robot Daisy, who can be sent used up iPhones to be disassembled.

Earth Day At ANU Means Getting Your Hands Dirty!

Students and staffs at Australian National University got their hands dirty! They planted trees to make their campus greener. They targeted not only flower trees but also softwoods that tend to grow well in spring. But that doesn’t stop here! They sold small plants, from saplings to flower pots which was followed by a vegetarian and vegan barbeque! They surely knew how to have fun on the campus!

But they managed to raise the question once again… is meat consumption bad for the environment?

Cobalt 27’s Says Earth Day Is The Perfect Time To Redesign!

They are a leading battery metal investment company that deals with cobalt and nickel. For this edition of Earth Day, they thought of redesigning their website. Plus, they highlighted the first Earth Day held on April 22, 1970. “Today, as we celebrate Earth Day with the launch of Cobalt 27’s redesigned website, we reflect on the first Earth Day”. Cobalt 27 is also reinforcing their mandate on the ethical supply of battery metals.

You can visit their brand-new website at anytime. The new one comes with Company’s assets, history and more info on the products.

That was some of the highlights of the celebrations of Earth Day 2019. How did you celebrate Earth Day?

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