July 2019 Special and Wacky Days

When we think of July, we think of summer and the beach and holidays. For some, it may not be that straightforward! For these guys, the month of July means taking part in silly events called the Wacky Days! Well, what are the wacky days?

International Joke Day

Did you start the month by telling a joke? This day was celebrated on the 1st of July. A joke will brighten anybody that’s having a bad day. Guys! Post, share or invent a joke that would bring a smile to your friends, partner or even side chick’s face.

I Forgot Day

Forgot about your partner’s birthday? Or have you forgotten your kid in Walmart?  The 2nd of July was ‘’I forgot day!’’. This bizarre day was an excuse for lots of people who tends to forget things. This day was also about sending excuse cards and asking for forgiveness to whom you forgot something about. We really hoped you didn’t forget anything or anyone. Fingers crossed!

World UFO Day

Let’s prove to the world that UFO’s exists. It was celebrated on the 2nd of July. World UFO Day’s mission was to make the governments reveal their secrets about aliens. This special day was chosen to recall the incident of Rosewell, an epic event that many people believed aliens has visited us.

National Bikini Day

The national bikini day was on the 5th of July. Ladies! This day was for you to reveal those sexy bikinis. Be it high- waist bikini or multi-string bikini, walk out of your comfort zone and go to the beach or swimming and take a selfie with your favourite bikini on.

National Chicken Wing Day

Something delicious will happen on the 29th of July. This day is to commemorate the celebration of chicken wings. Yes, pals, Chicken Wings! This common food served as a snack, lunch or dinner seems to have a little appreciation in the yearly calendar.

You may have missed some out this year, but don’t worry those Wacky Days will be back next year! Also, keep an eye out for next month’s Wacky Days! We hope you enjoy each one of the days and after all Happy July!

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