Lost & Homeless - Who Can Help?

She used to sit by the shop’s doorway, on a torn floral mattress while only the worn-off navy blanket offering her warmth to combat the night’s cold. Her creased hands were covered in dirt with dried mud patches becoming the only pattern on her clothes. Potted plants… that’s what she made. For everyone, she was a humble lady, greeting young and old with an amiable smile. But on an unfortunate night, her body is to be discovered, amongst debris in a car park… lifeless.

This is just one of the many tragic stories that involve the homeless of the UK. And even in 2019, there is no official body that count the number of homeless people that perish on our streets. There are at least 320,000 homeless denizens seeking a haven in England with the figures rising by 4% since 2017. These are nothing short of a national scandal. Who are these people? Are they being given the attention they deserve?

From retired senior citizens to young women with children, there is no fixed range of age or group of people that can become homeless. While they are merely a sight seen every morning for some of us, numerous charity organisations are fighting for a better lifestyle for the homeless.

Crisis – To End the Crisis!

Having been founded in 1967, the organisation strives to offer direct help to the homeless of the UK. They firmly advocate and offer education, employment and well-being services to those in need while standing as watchdogs for critical issues around homelessness. Crisis is amongst the many who are willing to bring a change in the UK. “Ending homelessness doesn’t mean that no one will ever lose their home again. It means it will rarely happen, and there’s a quick solution at hand when it does!”, says Crisis.

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Shelter – Because Everyone Deserve One!

Shelter was founded in 1966 and since then, it has been working with a network of people to provide advocacy, information, and advice to homeless people or people that are at risk of becoming homeless. With their online support service, thousands of people managed to escape the nefarious grasp of homelessness. 24% of their help in 2017 was for those having issues with their landlords. But their goal has not been reached yet! The moment we speak, Shelter is gathering more and more forces to tackle the national emergency.

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Centrepoint – For the Young!

If you are concerned about the young homeless that are on the streets now, then you might find some consolation on the fact that Centrepoint is here for young people accommodation. It offers physical and mental health support along with various trainings to help them get back to their educations or be employed. There are more than 9,200 young Londoners aged 16-25 that are supported by Centrepoint. One thing they believe in, no kids should sleep without a roof above them!

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The Big Issue Foundation – Since Homelessness Is Not A Trivial One!

It is not always easy for a homeless person to gain access to services offered for the public. Some might find it difficult to even get a passport or worse still, have access to proper health care. In such dire situations, The Big Issue Foundation acts a mean to aid the helpless. It was founded in 1995 and dedicated their existence to the homeless. Their work includes offering health care, setting house meetings or job interviews, helping in creations of bank accounts and even reconnect estranged family members.

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Depaul UK – For A Better Tomorrow!

The global network of charity, Depaul, has a branch in UK as well. These are the executors when it comes to offer safe shelter, accommodation and proper food to people without a home. Their commitment is to such an extent that they are used to work in UK’s most disadvantaged communities. Depaul UK also joins hands with the national charity organisation, Nightstop UK, to track young people in need and offer them suitable accommodation while helping their quest to find permanent homes.

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Whether you wish to check their work or donate to their noble cause, these charity organisations have a lot to go before the war against homelessness is won. Let us join together and give them a hand. No more grandmothers need to close their eyes forever for ours to open! The right time to act… is right now!

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