May 2019 Charity Events in UK

It’s now May and there is a list of charities lined up this month! So many people take their time, efforts and money to help those that are in need. But have you ever thought that it's not only about raising money or awareness. It’s also about being there for that one person that just needs an ear to listen, or even just to see a friendly face!

As most of you know that at Give Back Bingo we do everything we possibly can by participating in charities. We also help by raising awareness of charities some of you may not even know about! This month we ask you to try your best to take part in one of these fun charity events! You never know it maybe the best experience you ever had! Check out some of the Charity events that are happening this month!

Walk the Walk: The Moonwalk London – 11th May 2019

The moonwalk London is an original night charity event! Where you walk through London in your decorated bra, not only are you raising money, but you are also raising awareness about breast cancer! Girls and guys, yes guys! Are you ready to Walk the Walk in your best bras? Well, what are you waiting for! Get out those Wonderbra’s and start decorating! This year the theme is Disco Inferno. So, get that glitter out and start bedazzling those bras to boogies down the streets!

Mental Health Foundation: Mental Health Awareness Week – 13th May 2019

One thing that everyone around the world should know is that they are never alone! There will always be someone there for you especially when you reach out!! This is why this foundation is one of the most important as there are many people that are suffering will this illness! The mental health foundation raises awareness of topics like stress, relationships, loneliness, altruism, sleep and friendships. This year the foundation wants to reach out to more people and with your support, they can reach out to many, more voices more action!  Join them and help drive conversations on mental health and body image to create everlasting change!

Neurocare: Head Start 5K & 10K Sheffield – 19th May 2019

On your marks, get set, GO!!!! Are those laces tied up on your running shoes? Get them ready because this year marks Sheffield’s 10th-year birthday celebration and they’re going all out on this one! Meaning going big and making it the best! The fun 5K run or UKA chip timed 10K to raise life-saving funds for neurological patients in Sheffield. The Neurocare team are fighting to improve the lives of patients with brain tumours, head injuries and other complex neurological conditions. Therefore, this fundraising event helps raise the funds needed for these patients and also raise awareness to help support the team!

Alzheimer’s Society: Dementia Action Week – 20th May 2019

The Alzheimer Society is encouraging everyone to take action during Dementia Action week by starting a conversation, be it with a family member/relative, a neighbour or a friend with dementia. It’s time to start talking! Many worries about saying the wrong thing to someone with dementia, however, a friendly face or even just a listening ear and your presence can make the world of a difference for them! Dementia Action week is full of events, from music festivals, to information stands, there so something for everyone. We all play a role in helping to build a dementia friendly community.

Edinburgh Marathon – 25th May 2019

Will you go that extra mile for a good cause? Get out your running shoes for the Edinburgh Marathon! Running this marathon for Macmillan Cancer support means that there’s a team of people around you every step of the way! Inspiring you and uplifting you to reach that finish line. Macmillan Cancer Support provides practical, medical, emotional and financial support and pushes for better cancer care. Most of the work that Macmillan Cancer Support does is funded by voluntary donations, that is why with your support will make a world of a difference.

A wise man once said “A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal” – Steve Maraboli.

Therefore, by taking part in one of these events, you not only raising vital money for the foundation, but you are also changing the lives of people who are affected and are in need of help.

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