It’s never too late to pamper daddy with some gifts, even if… you know… you missed Father’s Day by a day or two. No time to lose in thinking of excuses, you got to act fast. What if your old man is expecting something?! Here are a few gift ideas that will save you from the awkward situation.

Socks – You Can’t Have Enough!

Dads love socks. At least most of them do! Why not pick a pair of comfy socks while you’re driving back from work? We got to know that there are loads of sock sales going on in Lincolnshire and Manchester. More specifically at the Sock Shop. They are also online, where signing up for their newsletter gets you 10% off on your next order! Fancy right? You might personalise it with some charming texts as well.

Cooling Pint Glasses – When He Is An Old Ale Guy!

If your dad enjoys a quiet beer, then why not get him a pair of Cooling Pint Glasses? All he’ll have to do is put the glasses in the freezer for a couple of hours and then spend the rest of the day enjoying a cold brewski! Why not couple that gift with some freshly brewed beer from his favourite tavern down the street? Or, get his preferred alcohol. If he drinks, of course!

Slippers – 100% Comfort!

All daddies love comfort, then why not treat them with a nice pair of slippers for maximum comfort? Pick up a luxurious pair of suede slip-ons and let your dad rock them around home on his lazy afternoons. We’re positive that he’ll really appreciate them. We highly recommend those slippers that come with some fancy prints (originality!).

Time Is The Best Gift!

Should you feel the need to bond with your dad this Father’s Day, then here are some thoughts on how to do just that. Why not treat your dad to a trip to the local beer or whiskey brewery? You could spend the afternoon sampling fine ales, beer, or spirits whilst spending some time enjoying each other’s company. Or keep it simple - fire up the grill and spend the afternoon with all the family enjoying some awesome summertime food and simply spending quality time together.

Either way, we’re sure you’ll come up with super ways to treat your father this weekend to show dad how much he is treasured by all the family.

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