National Burger Day – Here’s Five Burgers To Bite In!

On August 22nd, burger lovers around the world pay homage to the famous sandwich. National Burger Day is the perfect chance to celebrate the glory of the humble burger! This year, we’re listing the top five burgers that you definitely need to try for Burger Day!

Whether you like yours thickly stacked with layers upon layers of cheese, sweetened with caramelised onions or smoking hot with jalapenos and sauce, not many would say no to a burger!

Coin Laundry

A cheeseburger but not as we know it. Here, we’re talking about smoked pork bellies, all topped with red onions and kohlrabi pickle for a tang! And then comes the star, a cheese-covered beef patty; juicy, tender and creamy! You can choose to enjoy it with a side portion of fried potatoes (not fries!). Add in the buns and it’s time to dig in!

Dip And Flip

Dip and Flip remains one of the popular burger chains in South London. The reason? This is where you get burgers drenched in a pool of gravy! Tantalise your taste buds with the classic burger, where the roast beef or lamb can be enjoyed with melted cheese and toppings of your choice.

Mother Flipper

Be prepared for the ooze of liquid cheese poured on beef that has perfectly grilled over hot coals. The stall at Brockley Market sells these delights, in the form of Dirty Barbie Burgers. Stuffed with two patties and American cheese. You may add candy bacon that gives a swift turn to the flavours. Who knew that salty meat and sweet bacon could turn out to be the perfect partners!

Meat And Shake

Here comes perfect burgers infused with truffle! This burger is the favourite of many foodies in Tooting Bec and shares 3.5+ Star reviews! You get the option to go for the smoky or add in some fresh veggies and peppers.  The menu is packed full of gut busting favourites which are sure to tantalise your tastebuds during your visit.


The perfect size for a burger… at least for us! You’ll get the patties and the buns covered in cheese and different sauces. There’s no shame in saying that the sides are unhealthy – poppaz. They are deep fried jalapenos and cheese. But that doesn’t stop it from being one of the best buns around! Order a burger and never worry about  your diet again!

Are you among those who can devour a burger in three bites? Take some time to enjoy one of these five burgers across London on National Burger Day. Because this day is in honour of Burgers!

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