NOVEMBER CHARITY – The Farm Animal Sanctuary!

Give Back Bingo welcomes this new month by giving back to The Farm Animal Sanctuary. But who are they? And why The Farm Animal Sanctuary? Farm animals are everywhere, yes, they might not be endangered, wild or exotic but these animals are born and raised for their milk and meat. The saddest things are that they are treated with minimum care. And since the care costs money and time, most of the time they are not considered to be worth either. They’ll die from stress and fear and even suffer from intense distress when their young are taken away from them.

 These animals’ nightmare doesn’t stop there! After long hours of travelling and enduring the most awful living conditions, they usually end up slaughtered without being pre-stunned. And that’s the hard truth!

Few places in the world have sanctuaries for farm animals. And according to the Compassion In World Farming, 70 billion farm animals are now produced for food every single year. They are either kept crammed, confined, caged or permanently indoors. They are, all in all, treated like mere production machines rather than individual beings. That’s why when organisations like The Farm Animal Sanctuary moves heaven and earth for the wellbeing of farm animals, Give Back Bingo can’t but join hands with them.

This amazing Sanctuary treats all these animals with compassion and respect. They were once bitten nearly to death but now they grow into confident and comfortable animals filled with love and affection. 

The Farm Animal Sanctuary’s patron is Joanna Lumley. Does this name sound familiar? She is a famous author, activist and English Actress. She has several strings to her bow! One of which is to support and stand for the farm animals. She does even more by helping the organisation to raise public awareness about farm animal welfare. She goes to great lengths to make a positive impact for the wellbeing of the animals. Did you know that she knows every single name of the animals living on the farm?

Give Back Bingo knows that by helping The Farm Animal Sanctuary, the abused animals will have a chance to live a much better and free life. You are most welcomed to help make a difference too. The Farm Animal Sanctuary provides various ways through which you can help. You can make donations and participate in the fundraising. They have a target to meet which is £2500 each week. They are always in the lookout for new supporters.

Now is the time to spread the word and let everyone know about the incredible - Farm Animal Sanctuary. Visit all their social platforms to keep you updated on any of their projects. Good News! Their 2019 calendars are readily available! Grab your copy and gift it to your friends and family, plus this can raise much-needed funds. Do you want a Christmas card pack? Just send them an email.

This month’s charity was quite exceptional! Stay tuned for the next month. Another charity, another cause to fight for!

Give Back Bingo