October Charity - Giraffe Conservation Foundation

Give Back Bingo welcomes the new month by giving back to another foundation. Yes! And this month it goes to GCF -  The Giraffe Conservation Foundation. This foundation is like no other since it’s the only NGO in the world that caters solely in the management and conservation of giraffes in the wild. In which country you may ask? Well, it oversees a range of countries in Africa -includeing Kenya, Namibia, Ethiopia, Tanzania and more! 

Nowadays, the population of giraffes that lives in the wilderness has dropped by 40% species which add them to the long list of vulnerable mammals, all thanks to foundations like GCF that moves heaven and earth to help save the world’s tallest animals. All set to find more about this amazing organisation?

Giraffe Conservation Foundation is an international science-based conservation organisation that makes use of some innovative approaches to save the life of these endangered animals. And behind every remarkable organisation, there is a great team! At GCF, you will find a dynamic team that is not just proactive, but also reactive. Each member works hand in hand to provide the best future for giraffes. These groups of individuals never cease to increase awareness around these tall living terrestrial animals.

Give Back Bingo chose GCF for its many objectives and endeavours. Do you want a sneak peek? Well, it does not only support the conservation of the existing and viable habitat for the giraffes, but it also helps in the identification of the key threats that puts all these species in danger. They plan, implement, develop and bring to life projects and programmes to support their aim. They collaborate with local communities, national and international partners in the interests of the giraffes. There’s more! They raise funds not just in the African Ranges States but internationally too.

Do you want to help make an impact on these animals? A positive one?  Help save the giraffes by joining in one of The Giraffe Conservation Foundation’s programme anytime. HOW? You can Adopt-a-Giraffe!!! You can choose to become either a Giraffe Guardian or a Giraffe Explorer. The choice is all yours! After you’ve chosen your adoption pack, you will receive a personalised Adopt-a-Giraffe certificate, some fun facts regarding your beloved new friend, a photo with a brief personality profile and many more interesting things. For more info, visit It’s worth the detour! This can be an outstanding gift to someone – either a friend or family member who caters for the welfare of the animal.

You can also donate to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, just like Give Back Bingo did. It’s simple, easy and quick! Finally, you can shop for its charity apparel where all the proceeds from every t-shirt sales help support GCF’s conservation programs. That’s another amazing gift idea!

The tallest mammals on Earth need your help. And there are so many species that are slipping away every day. So let’s join our hands with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation in its many actions to keep all the giraffes of Africa away from extinction.

Give Back Bingo