Red Nose Day Celebrations


Give Back Bingo Celebrates Red Nose Day

Make a difference, have fun and raise money and awareness to help put a smile on the face of all children from all around the world. That sounds to be a great plan, right? Big or small, everything matters.  And 2019’s edition is looking promising with a range of treats. LOL-a-thon set the tone last Wednesday, One Red Nose Day and a Wedding will be released this week and Oh yes! How about rolling up our sleeves and get into the big Red Nose Day too …



R1 BBC LOL-a-thon

Chris and Scott provided some serious lols for Comic Relief on Wednesday 6 March. They stayed on-air for 24-hours from 1 pm for the second #LOLATHON. In the build-up, Radio 1 travelled to some hilarious places to collect the nation's best gags.

Both hosts raised a massive £275,263 for Comic Relief in 2017. They broadcasted nothing but jokes for 24 hours. And guess what? Chris needed to walk an actual horse into a bar.

Four Weddings And A Funeral Sequel

The actors of Four Weddings And A Funeral are reuniting for a TV special of the movie 25 years after the initial. The most lovable characters will return as part of Red Nose Day 2019.

The short film is titled One Red Nose Day And A Wedding. It will present all the original cast members. And these include - Rowan Atkinson, Kristin Scott Thomas, Andie MacDowell and Hugh Grant. You can watch a sneak peek of the film in the meantime.

How to Participate/Donate?

Since Red Nose Day will be back on the 15th of March, there are lots of surprises in the works. You may want to participate or donate. But really… what are your choices? Take out your notepad… there are tons of ideas to get you involved for the big day.

No Red Nose Day is complete without a Red Nose! So, where can you get one? Head to Sainsbury’s or Oxfam to pick up your red nose. This year, they will feature eleven new Red Noses in special surprise boxes. Alternatively, you can shop online at the Red Nose Day Online Store.

How to Fundraising?

Get involved by setting up your Giving Page! Usually, fundraising for Red Nose Day is powered by JustGiving. You can contact their support team to assist you for each step. You can also order your fundraising pack on The site includes some great inspiration and ideas, as well as practical resources. Some examples are: stickers, balloons and posters.

Food is always a fundraising favourite on Red Nose Day. How about creating an event like Cake Contest?  You can attract a crowd with a pay-to-enter bake-off. In the end, you can auction off the bakes. Alternatively, you can organise a Pie Party. Offer cold and hot fillings plus dietary options so each and everyone can tuck in.

If it rains on the 15th of March, Indoor Picnic could appeal to many people. You can host an indoor office picnic your colleagues can pay-to-attend. Or, a baking challenge could fascinate most people. Who can bake the multi-layer cake or tallest gingerbread tower? You may charge an entry fee and sell off the mega-bakes.

Challenge Yourself

Make a buzz this Red Nose Day! Simply jump out of your comfort zone and indulge in a full-on sponsored challenge. Looking for some ideas? There you go…

Party – You can set a small entrance fee for the fiesta. Of course, those funds will flow straight into the fundraising campaign!

Unfollow – How about spending a week without using any social media and get sponsored for it? Challenge accepted? We dare you. Ha-Ha!

Videos – Have you got some moves or the voice of an angel? You can actually get paid for it! Join hands with sponsors and post your videos on social media.

Game On – To your coins! Plan a slot game knockout contest with your friends. The seats are not free... they'll have to give a few bucks but at the end, the last remaining wins a prize. You decide what you want to give. As for your trove of donations... it will increase each time someone wants to re-try their luck in the competition!

Red Nose Day is a very important fundraising campaign. It brings people together to raise money and to have fun. Plus, it changes the lives of kids who need our help. In 2017, Comic Relief raised a total amount of £82,154,943. And during the last four years, a total of £1,047,083,706 was raised.

Together, we can…!


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