The fierce heat of the sun did not discourage David Daballen. He is a young conservationist in the Samburu National Reserve and is off to visit his friends. He came by jeep and all he had time to do is have a look at the horizon before setting his eyes on the group of elephants. They were his friends… and he had come to say good morning. He spotted Cinnamon, the matriarch of the troop. 50 years old yet, still on point! Huge and tusk-less, she was among the lucky ones to be born without any precious ivory. Yes, lucky one... Closer to her stands Habiba, made orphan along with seven others. Poachers killed their mother for her ivory.

Elephants are fast disappearing from the wilderness. Despite international ban on ivory, poaching continues to plague the savannah. Around 100,000 elephants were killed for their precious tusk between 2010 and 2012 only! Where have we erred in all this? The ivory trade has reached boiling point. Without urgent actions, the day won’t be long where elephants will join dinosaurs in museums.

Save The Elephants stands in defence of the beast! Their mission? To secure the future for Elephants and care for the ecology they live in. Such a noble motive would not be met only by words, for sure. Which is why, the charity organisation aims at promoting the knowledge about elephants. While caring for the big residents of the wild and combating poaching!

Over the last years, their conservation efforts managed to save thousands of elephants from the grasps of poachers. They joined hands with numerous loyal supporters. The aim? The creation of a secure place around, what we know now as, Samburu and Buffalo Springs Reserves. They are not places that built for Elephants! In fact, these are reserves built around the elephants. The area is now a safe place for elephants. Here, the charity treat them with everything they need with love and care. No calf is born without a parent or no elephant must bear separation with its kin and kids. Thanks to Save The Elephants, a haven is set!

The charity prioritises Long Term Monitoring. For that, a special team is deployed every single day! And that also, to collect data on the elephants. They track all birth, death, disappearances and even change in behaviours. But all these are not only to keep an eye on the elephants. The data allows the study of behaviours. It helps to lead to the definition of vital areas that might be required outside of protected areas.

Save The Elephants depends on donations. They call for the support of millions of elephant lovers around the world to give a seemingly insignificant amount as donation. Besides, the charity offers internships and career opportunities as well. Each year, a small number of interns get to Kenya, for professional placements. They assist researches, go on field trips and provide care for injured elephants.

Join us at Give Back Bingo and together, we can help give the elephants a better tomorrow. Visit for more info. Your generosity will help the cause!

Let’s make a move, so that there is no second Habiba in our savannahs.

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