Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Santa Claus is coming to Give Back Bingo…! Ta-dah! Are you ready for the gift exchange? Hmm, Secret Santa gift exchanges can be very tricky. You must find something affordable and thoughtful for someone who you might not even know. Check out these personal and amazing gifts which are considerably cheap and cheerful! Don’t worry, these are bound to work no matter whose name you pull out of the bag!

Women’s Super-Soft Cosy Socks

Well, these aren’t any ordinary socks… these are super-soft cosy socks. They are ideal for those days at work when you realise that you are wearing the most uncomfortable shoes ever. Or, just those cool evenings when you simply want to relax. With these fantabulous socks, you’ll be comfy right down to your toes! A gift any girl or woman will fancy.

Tea Drop Sampler

If it happens that you drew the name of a tea-lover, then a tea drop sampler could be his/her cup of tea! These completely dissolvable tea drop figures are made from sugar, aromatic spices and finely-sourced tea that blend in perfect harmony to create a convenient and delicious cup of tea anywhere, even on the go.

Crackling Candles

Wouldn’t it be perfect to give the gift of candles during the holiday season? Yes! They make an ideally festive Secret Santa gift to boot. Crafted from high-quality fragrance, essential oils and soy wax, the wicks of these candles crackle as they burn. Hence, creating an inviting and warm holiday mood!

Beer Opening Glass

After sitting down to relax, you realise that you have forgotten the bottle opener. That could be a disappointment right there, isn’t it? Thanks to this cool and classy beer opening glass, your problem is solved. Stainless steel bottle openers, two built-in, ideal for the twist-tops of imported varieties as well as the pop-tops of domestic beers.

Salsa Grow Kit

After all, who doesn’t love salsa? If you have ever delighted in a freshly-made salsa, you may never want to go back to store-bought again. This inventive salsa grow kit gives you practically all you need to savour the flavour fiesta… starter soil, seeds and planters set you going and once they start to grow, the plants can be transferred to larger containers.

Morning, Noon and Night Coffee

This could be the most impressive gift for the refined coffee-lover, the one who knows that there are many types of coffee for different moods. With blends for the morning, noon and night, these roasts will deliver the absolute cup of coffee no matter what the mood calls for.

Coshine Rose Gold Unique Mermaid Makeup Brush Set

This marvellously loveable set of makeup brushes is a perfect gift idea for the mermaid obsessed. Crafted in brilliant rose gold, these enticing brushes bring to life the magic of the ocean. It can give any woman or girl that flawless look every time. You will be attracting sailors from left, centre and right.

All set…?

Rather than a boring gift card, these aforementioned fun ideas could help you a lot to figure out the perfect gift for someone. On top of that, they are affordable and efficient!

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