Summer is finally here!

What happens when the temperature rises? You sweat ha-ha-ha

We all love the sun, the right time for a tan. A cup in one hand, sipping some cold lemonades. However, when the sun hits hard, whichever the age group, everyone is at risk. Prevention is better than cure, be on the safe side with these simple tips. Even if you feel like doing anything use the 5-second rule of Mel Robbins 5-4-3-2-1, let’s go!

  • Whenever you want to stroll outdoor in the summer furnace, keep alert of the weather forecast to act accordingly. Stay tuned on the weather forecast either on your mobile, radio, tv or social media platforms. The better you are prepared the fewer risks you will be exposed to.
  • When you’re in your dwelling home, make sure that you pull down your window’s shades to keep cooler. You can also use blinds for your windows to keep you in the shade. Quick tip: Darker curtains will increase your room temperature, therefore the best recommendation would be to use some light-coloured curtains and as far as possible keep your curtains shut.
  • When the weather forecasts a heat wave, avoid any exposure to the sun. Why not use those extra time to lengthen your time in the bath or shower? A good way to pamper yourself...Fill the bathtub and soak in. The body radiates some heat, henceforth it will effectively cool your body.
  • Hydration is key. Drink, drink, drink, drink as much cold water or fruit juice like lemon, lime or orange, as possible. Your body is made up of approximately 60% of water. If you sweat a lot, due to the heat and start having some signs of dehydration, then replace these fluids. The liquids will help to boost your energy, reduce your blood pressure, keep your body cool etc. Hold your bottle of aqua close to you and fill it to the brim.

FactThe percentage of water in your body: Blood 92%, Brain 73%, Heart 73%, Lungs 83%, Skin 64%, Muscles 79%...

  • Wear loose clothing and some accessories like hats and sunglasses when you decide to go outdoors.
  • Don’t forget to check on your loved ones, especially those who are more vulnerable to the heatwave. It is always important to give a hand to someone.
  • If you feel breathless, pain in the chest, confused, thirsty, weak, dizzy and suffering from cramps, look for some help.
  • Wear sunscreen if you wish to stroll outside.
  • How about spritzing yourself with some cool water? Spray it on your skin for an instant cooling effect.
  • Freeze a cloth or use an ice pack on your forehead, neck, legs or arms to help appease you and beat the hot days.
  • During the high summer, use fans to ventilate your home and push the heat outdoors. A good air circulation for some nice time at home.
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