Top Gun: Maverick – 34 Years After!

Not all movies are lucky enough to get a sequel… that also, 34 years after their original. But Top Gun is not a film like others! After all…, it’s Tom Cruise, darling!

Turnback the clock to 2010, when the talk of Top Gun’s sequel first hit the news. What was once mere gossip, leaked by some directors or crew members who can’t keep secrets is now a real movie! The name? Top Gun: Maverick! Yes, the dashing Tom Cruise returns in one of his most famous roles, ready to “take your breath away”.

It’s true… Maverick’s image might be Tom Cruise’s most iconic! Who can’t forget the stud in sunglasses, gleaming teeth, navy uniform… and that polished face! Though he is 57 now, divorced 3 times with 3 kids, that doesn’t slow him down on the action movie front!

Last time we saw Mr. Cruise he was a leader of operatives in Mission Impossible: Fallout and a soldier facing Ahmanet in The Mummy. These two big-budget action movies proved only one thing! There’s no kidding with Cruise when it comes to action. Because he knows how to put up a fight!

Top Gun: Maverick is set to release worldwide in 2020. The plot? Cruise is back as Maverick, now a flight instructor who is the mentor of Bradley Bradshaw. Yes, the latter is the son of his late friend, Goose from the first film. The trailer of the movie came with some points; Ed Harris telling Cruise, “You should be at least a two-star admiral by now. Yet, here you are, captain. Why is that?” Let’s not make assumptions, the movie will reveal all the secrets to Maverick’s rank.

Tom Cruise is joining crew members! We know that Jerry Bruckheimer produced the original movie, is behind this movie. This time, Tom Cruise brings his money as well as one of the producers. However, a little change in the plans. Joseph Kosinski is replacing late Tony Scott in directing the sequel.

Looking forward to the movie? You’ll get to see Tom Cruise as the lead, Miles Teller as Goose’s son, Jennifer Connelly, Ed Harris as Maverick’s Superior and Val Kilmer who is reprising his role as Commander Tom “Iceman” Kazansky… someone’s missing! Where’s Charlotte?!

Kelly McGillis is not in! In July 2019, she revealed that she hadn’t been asked to be in the sequel. Reason? Her age appropriate appearance. At 62, she no longer considers herself as the chick everyone would want to see next to Cruise. She will be missed… seriously… she will be missed.

So, are you in for the show? Top Gun: Maverick is expected to be released in June 2020.

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