Upcoming International Days Of September 2019

We now value each day so much that certain dates have been dedicated to a cause, movement or even an action! Join Give Back Bingo in celebrating days that promote  increased social responsibility. We enjoy promoting a worthwhile cause around Give Back Bingo and here are some days that deserve to be recognised!

International Day Of Charity – 5th September

The fifth day of September has been chosen to commemorate the anniversary of Mother Teresa’s death - an idol of gratitude, faith and charity. This day has emerged as the International Day of Charity, where the idea is to increase public support for charitable causes. Take a minute and explore the many organisations that are striving to bring change. We are promoting Mayhew, whose work is to encourage a change in attitude towards animals. Don’t forget to check for more details!

International Literacy Day – 8th September

In the digital world that we live in, education has made an intense breakthrough. However, despite the progress that has been made, illiteracy persists…. And most of the time, it’s not actually a choice! Demands for skills are booming and there’s not much positive results seen. This year, the 8th September  will be the day to focus on Literacy and Multilingualism. You can visit to read the full concept note and agenda. Let’s unite to restore the rightful place of education in people’s life!

International Eat an Apple Day – 21st September

There’s a lot of sayings about apples… like eat one and the doctor stays away, you get the idea… But did you know that there’s a special day dedicated to the “forbidden fruit”? On the 21st September, people cherish the benefits and usages of this almost perfect fruit. The day highlights the many histories about apples and how they helped the world grow. Best way to celebrate? Eat an apple!!!

International Alzheimer’s Day – 21st September

1 in 6 people over 80 suffer from Alzheimer’s or Dementia in UK. This is expected to soar to 2 million by 2051. According to the Alzheimer’s Society, the disease is spawning at an alarming rate; with one person being diagnosed every 4 minutes. International Alzheimer’s Day’s main aim is to educate those who don’t about this disease . Why not watch out for this day? You might be able to assist someone who needs help!

International Rabbit Day – 26th September

We need to protect our fuzzy little friends! International Rabbit Day is works in the interests of rabbits and their protection in both domestic and a wild environment. Rabbits bring joy into our lives… think of it… those little paws, ears that stand straight up and their chubby bodies that only wants petting. But some out there only want to use these cute critters in harsh experiments, torturing fur-farming and worse, poaching! On this day, let’s unite to fight them!

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