Weird Holidays This Week!

Spring is in the air! And April does not only bring you some spring showers and may flowers! There are a couple of pretty weird, wild and wacky holidays that come along. Yes, the month is not short of strange holidays, for sure. We’re culminating a list of the best ones that are happening this week. Which of these are you going to celebrate?

Wear Your Pyjamas To Work Day!

Wait, what? What kind of holiday is this? Now, we think that everyone would love to celebrate it… imagine all those beautiful patterned pyjamas that will be seeing daylight for the first time! The creation of Wear Your Pyjamas To Work Day is mostly attributed to the fact that it is a way to relieve stress after the income taxes are due. And what better way to do that apart from getting comfy in our PJ? So, let’s relieve some stress and laze around in our funky clothing…


Eggs Benedict


Eggs Benedict Day

An English Day for an American invention! A delicious Eggs Benedict includes English Muffin topped with bacon, poached ages and a drizzle of Hollandaise Sauce. Mmm… *stomach rumbles*. On Eggs Benedict Day, enjoy making these gooey goodies for yourself or family. There are better ways to start a day, but on Eggs Benedict Day, the star on your plate should be this hearty breakfast. Oh! Don’t have time to make some in the morning? Why not defy the norms and make some for dinner? That’s fine as well!


Save the Elephant

Save The Elephant Day!

Elephants are in crisis! Save The Elephants Day is a chance to show our support for the much-loved giants. And you know how much Give Back Bingo loves animals, right? This unusual holiday is here to increase awareness of the threats against African and Asian elephants. Celebrate the day by donating to a charity helping elephants or organise something to join the league of people raising awareness of ivory poachers and elephant traffickers. Together, they can be saved!

Happy weird and wacky holidays! Feel free to drop by our Community Page for other fun blog posts on peculiar holidays.

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