Welcome Spring With DIY Tricks

Time to say goodbye to the gloomy winter weathers! If you’re looking for some ideal ways to welcome spring, then some bright DIY projects are the first choices. Here are some of the easiest and innovative crafts to bathe your home in the season’s feel!

Wallpaper Tree

Turn any blank surface bright for this spring! With this easy mural idea, you’ll be left with a beautiful tree made from wallpaper scraps.


  • 4 Different Wallpapers (Obviously!)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Nails & Decorations

Step One: Sketch a basic tree trunk on the backside of a sheet of wallpaper. Give Back Bingo recommends that you try the sketch on some blank paper first. Once you get the shape right, grab the scissors and cut!

Step Two: On another piece of wallpaper similar to the one used for the trunk, sketch the branches and cut.

Step Three: Grab three or four different patterns of wallpapers and sketch 15-20 leaves on each. Don’t forget to cut them. You may opt for different sizes when it comes to the leaves!

Step Four: Assembling time! Spot the wall that is going to feature your masterpiece. Stick the trunk, followed by the branches and the leaves. When sticking the leaves, go for clusters of three or more! Drill some nail and hang some lanterns, bird boxes or any other items of your choice. Let your creativity run wild!

Fancy Spring Jar

Have you ever had those days when you’re cleaning the cupboards and spotted a lonely glass jar? Don’t throw it away! You can turn it into something nice to accommodate your daffodils.


  • A Lonely Glass Jar
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Scribber

Step One: Mix three different colour of paint (pink, blue and yellow are our favourite!) and paint the jar. You can go for lines, random colour patches, circles… you’re the Picasso! Let it dry well.

Step Two: Use your scribber to make sketches, drawings, designs or write on the jar. Obviously, you can double the lines to make the designs or letters appear thicker.

Step Three: You just made a beautiful vase! Put in some freshly picked flowers to give it the perfect spring look it deserves!

Striped Table

Painted lines transform a canvas into a fancy table cloth for spring. An ideal DIY if you are confused on what table cloth to buy in that new shop down the street.


Step One: Wash and dry a natural-coloured canvas cloth. Repeat for a few times to soften the fabric. You can go for a 6x9 feet long for a standard table cloth. Adjust the size as per your convenience.

Step Two: Lay the cloth flat and run a strip of grout tape, ¼ inch in the middle of the fabric. Run four additional pieces of tape, spacing them ¼ inch apart from the original strip.

Step Three: Brush some red fabric paint on the cloth between the taped areas. Go for short strokes and dabs. That will catch the grains of the canvas. Continue to paint until it appears as dark as desired. Remove the tape and let the paint dry for one day.

Step Four: Wash the fabric, dry and lay it with pride on your table.

Celebrate the arrival of warm weather with these fun spring crafts! Which of these are you going for?

Give Back Bingo