World Wellbeing Week is here! Between June 24 and June 28, people are encouraged to be mindful of all aspects of their health. Tips for taking care of oneself does not only include healthy foods but to be mindful, active and be aware of their mental health. 

World Wellbeing Week is an event for those who need a helping hand from health professionals.  As we all know, most children go through different stages of life. Sometimes they may have difficulties in expressing themselves. So, the mental Health foundation has had this amazing idea of fundraising to help influence children and give them the childhood they deserve! Ladies and gents! Let’s help keep our future generation on the right track. 

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. So, thinking of World Wellbeing Week we think about a person’s lifestyle and the choices they make to remain healthy. But do they have guidance in doing such? People! We need to wake up and think about our responsibilities be it physically, emotionally and psychologically. This event has all that you need to establish good health. 

The idea is to help people feel confident and develop good self- esteem. Don’t know how to develop good relations with others? No problem take part in World Wellbeing Week and learn how to build better relationships with others.

During the week, the Mental Health Foundation will also carry out certain programs that are related to mental health. This is aimed at helping people find good health. As per the stats, 1 in 4 people in the UK has poor mental health. 

Ever thought about the best way to improve your mental health? It could be something simple as gardening! So, take out your gardening tools... It is believed that gardening is one of the best ways to improve your mental health. Why not get the best out of both worlds and keep your garden beautiful at the same time! 

Ladies and Gents, World Wellbeing Week should become an important week in your life. It is an experience that most people have gone through and felt much better for it. We all need to gather on this day and think about making a big change in our lives.

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