Xmas Gifts 2018

Are you stuck on what to gift your dearest ones this Christmas? Ha ha! Don’t worry, you are not the only one. All you want is to give something that is unique and meaningful, right? Oh! And times is running out too. Hold on! Breathe and relax, because we’ve compiled four easy Christmas gift ideas to help you out. Do not be surprised if they inspire you for other interesting and affordable presents too! And yes, that will give you the opportunity to give back to charities again this year.  So, roll up those sleeves and let’s get crafty.

  • Personalised Mugs

Material: A mug, Acrylic Paint or any stained-glass paint, Paint Brush, Pencil/marker.

Method: Draw your design on the Mug using thin double lines. For this, you can use any design that you want. If you don’t know how to draw or make designs, try going for the name of the person.  Choose the colour that the person like or any of your choice. Start painting in between the two lines. Let it dry. And there you go; your mug is ready.

  • Earrings

Material: Cleaning alcohol, Earring hooks, Glue gun, Thin wire, Toothpicks, Aluminum Foil, Glitter or you can use anything you want to decorate the earring.

Method: First, you have to clean the earring hooks (disinfect). Make any shape you want with the aluminum foil.  Spread some glue on the aluminum foil design and roll it in glitter. Let dry. Use the toothpicks to make a hole in each earring. Cut a piece of wire (depending on the length you want the earrings to be). Curl one end of each piece of wire until it curves back into itself. This is to hold the aluminum design. Insert one piece of the wire through the earring. Do it for both. Then attach it to the hook.

For this, you can also use the glue gun only to make the design (no aluminum foil). Simply make a thick design of your choice with the glue or make it the first letter of the person’s name. Let dry and follow the same steps. Colours are optional!

  • Champagne Flutes

Material:  Plain Champagne Flutes, Scissors, Adhesive Vinyl.

Method: Choose the design that you want and use the scissors to cut the pattern. Peel the Adhesive back. Start sticking your adhesive vinyl in the order of the pattern you have chosen. Press your thumb on each piece after sticking to make it smooth. Santa is here, time to have some champagne.

  • Personalised Cards

Material: Plain Cards, Glitter, Pencil, Glue gun and paint brush. 

Method: Make a design of your choice on the card. Use the glue gun to trace the outline of the design. Spread your glitter before the glue dries. Let dry. Take your paint brush and remove the excess of glitter. You can also write some cute little wishes or words below the design. The card is now ready to go!  

Well, peeps, which of these are you planning to opt for this Christmas? Remember, the aim is to make Christmas special for the person!  

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