You Helped Fund A Cause!

Founded in 1993, Save the Elephants is a UK-registered charity headquartered in Nairobi. The organisation works with the aim to secure a future for elephants. They also emphasis on the ecological integrity of the places they live in. All they want is to promote knowledge about elephants.

These creatures are fast disappearing from the wilderness. Poaching continues to plague the savannah despite an international ban on ivory. Between 2010 and 2012 only, robbers killed over 100,000 elephants for their precious tusk.

During the last years, Save the Elephants saved thousands of elephants from poachers. They joined hands with many loyal supporters to protect the elephants. But the organisation depends on donations. In January, they were able to raise a good amount of money. And Give Back Bingo contributed to the cause with £883.36 collected through your deposits.

Why a bingo site? Give Back Bingo is a charity site on the Daub Alderney platform. Launched in December 2016, the site donates each month a part of their profits to a nominated charity. The chosen charities are all worthy causes. Whether they are charities with little or no fundraising budget of their own.

Give Back Bingo supported many medical charities till summer 2018. These include: the Little Princess Trust, Ehlers-Danlos Support UK and Great Ormond St Hospital. Since then, they joined hands with a series of animal charities. These include PAWS, Brooke, the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, Animal Health Trust and more.

Playing on Give Back Bingo helps good causes. Each month, players get to support a worthy cause. And this doesn’t mean that the bonuses and promotions are any less than other bingo sites. Give Back Bingo makes everything easy for players. Their commitment to giving both players and charity perks is exceptional. Feel free to give back while you play bingo games!

Why Are Elephants Important?

Elephants are amongst the most intelligent creatures on the planet. They give people who share the landscape with them a strong cultural significance. They are also tourism magnets, attracting funding that helps protect desert areas. And elephants are important in maintaining the biodiversity of the ecosystems they live in.

Let’s unite and help next month’s charity who is willing to bring a change to the animals around us!

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