Oli Leigh

The Oli Leigh Trust has been set up to help various charities around the country to reduce the rates of teenage suicide and self-harm by offering training, education and support. 

The loss of a son, brother, grandchild, nephew and cousin has changed the family. There will forever be someone missing at the table, commanding the conversation, making everyone laugh, being a complete family.

Oli, to everyone who knew him, was polite, confident and full of love. A leader among men. His friends looked to him for both inspiration and support. He was the friend everyone referred to as their best friend. 

They have now set up a trust to raise money to help other children see through the fog

We're supporting this very worthy cause this month, at no cost to our players. Give Back Bingo donates a % of it's earnings to charity each month to support great causes that make a real difference. 

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