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Any time is right for a barbecue party, right? Whether it is summer or winter, as long as all preparations are done, you are good to go. At a traditional barbecue party, there are lots of goodies roasting on the grill. However, on Cash Cookout Instant Win Game, you can see burning stacks of money!

Cash Cookout Instant Win Game is an innovation of IGT available at Give Back Bingo. As soon as you open the game on any kind of device, you are greeted with a backdrop showing a table with 3 sauce bottles turned upside down, as well as a grill on which piles of cash are roasting. Other than that, there is a festive atmosphere prevailing as you can see colourful buntings in the background. Join this unusual party and reap interesting rewards! 


Unlike slot games, Cash Cookout Instant Win Game does not contain symbols, However, the 3 upsides down sauce bottles represent the Winning Numbers and the barbecue grill stands for Your Numbers. On the grill, there are 12 wads of banknotes slowly burning.


Cash Cookout Instant Win Game is a creation of IGT, playable on different platforms and devices. IGT has decades of experience in the gaming field, be it for land-based or online casinos. Its games are of excellent quality and provide you with fun gameplay, just like on Cash Cookout Instant Win Game.

Key Features on Cash Cookout Instant Win Game

Cash Cookout Instant Win Game is different from slots as it does not include any bonus features. However, it still comes with rewards since the highest prize you can trigger is £250,000.

Wagering Options

Wondering how to play Cash Cookout Instant Win Game? Start by picking a stake value of your choice, varying from £0.50 to £10. Your objective on this game is to match the Winning Numbers with those hidden in the barbecue grill. Plus, uncover the grill utensils to win all of the 12 prizes displayed without the need to match numbers.

Once your ticket is bought on Cash Cookout Instant Win Game, you are taken to the main game screen. Under the Cash Cookout Logo on the left-hand side, the top prize you can earn is displayed. The 3 Winning Numbers are hidden under the 3 sauce bottles, while Your Numbers are found under the wads of banknotes on the grill.

So how do you proceed? Unveil Your Numbers one by one on Cash Cookout Instant Win Game by tapping on the wads of cash or by clicking on the Reveal All tab which uncovers all of them at one go. If any of Your Numbers pair the Winning Numbers, you can trigger the prize shown above the grill. If not, a message appears on the screen saying “Better Luck Next Time”. Not to worry though, as you can start another round by purchasing another ticket.

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