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Diamonds and rubies are precious gemstones that are beautiful in their own way. Diamonds come with a colourless beauty, while rubies are recognised for their blood-red colour. Both when used in jewellery add sparkles to different creations such as rings, earrings or necklaces. Make your eyes shine as well with Diamonds and Rubies Pull Tab at Give Back Bingo!

Diamonds and Rubies Pull Tab is an instant win game developed by Realistic Games. It consists of a bright velvety red backdrop on which you can see 4 tabs that can be pulled. Your goal here is to pull the tabs and unveil 3 matching symbols to win. Load it up anytime and anywhere on your laptop, mobile phone or tablet!


As you start pulling the tabs on Diamonds and Rubies Pull Tab, you can see several symbols such as Diamonds, Rubies, Melons, Bells, Oranges and Cherries. These symbols come with different payouts. With a combination of 3 Diamonds or Rubies, you can win a maximum of £5000. The other payouts are as follows:

  • 3 x Bells: £2500
  • 3 x Melons: £1000
  • 3 x Oranges: £500
  • 3 x Cherries: £250
  • 2 x Cherries: £100
  • 1 x Cherry: £50


Diamonds and Rubies Pull Tab is a creation of Realistic Games which is a leading provider of gaming solutions. Its gaming products and services are known for their excellent quality. It creates slots, scratch & arcade and instant win games, among others. All these games are playable on different platforms.

Key Features on Diamonds and Rubies Pull Tab

Bonus features are not included on Diamonds and Rubies Pull Tab. However, you can expect handsome payouts and lots of fun as you reveal matching symbols on the tabs.

Wagering Options

Watch out for a fun gaming session on Diamonds and Rubies Pull Tab! Start by heading to the Settings tab and go to the Bet field where you can select a bet amount ranging from £0.25 to £50. Once you have placed your bet, click on the Spin button to activate the 4 tabs. You can then use your cursor to swipe across one tab at a time and win its corresponding prize. Alternatively, use the Auto Play feature to pick 10 to 100 games that are played without disruption. You are also provided with settings to add a win limit for AutoPlay to stop on. You can hit the Stop button to stop it at any point.

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