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Whether you are fans of motorbikes or not, you cannot miss IGT’s Harley Davidson Scratch Game! This instant game is all about motorcycles, but not just any! They are all branded as Harley Davidson® which is a trusted brand of motorcycles in the automobile industry. It has been around since 1903 when it was founded in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA. Its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds and is now recognised across the world!

Harley Davidson Scratch Game takes you to a cool and classy backdrop where you can see 4 panels set with a wall. The design is simple but sophisticated. While getting ready for a drive, listen to nice background music. Load this fun game at Give Back Bingo and have a blast on any of your favourite devices!


The panels on Harley Davidson Scratch Game consists of different symbols like Motorcycles, Bicycles, Tires and the game’s Logo.


Harley Davidson Scratch Game is developed by IGT, a provider of gaming products and services, with years of experience in the industry. IGT’s games are very performing and are based on original themes. They are also packed with interesting features and high-end graphics.

Key Features on Harley Davidson Scratch Game

Despite the absence of bonus features on Harley Davidson Scratch Game, you can find the following 4 types of games:

  • 1st Game – Top Torque: Here, you can select cards and prize badges to uncover RPMs. Click on ‘Prize’ first to check which amount is at your disposal and tap on RPMs or those of your rival. Want it to make it easier? Simply press the Reveal All button to reveal all the cards at one go!
  • 2nd Game – Harley Davidson Motorcycle: During this round on Harley Davidson Scratch Game, you are presented with garages which contain superbikes. Select the garages and prize badges. If one of the garages comes with a Harley Davidson motorcycle, you can win! Here as well, you need to click on the many ‘Prize’ tabs to view which prizes are available for each garage. Either open the 4 garages one at a time or tap on the Reveal All tab to uncover all of them.
  • 3rd Game – Match & Win Wheel Spin: During the Match & Win Wheel Spin round on Harley Davidson Scratch Game, you can trigger up to £150,000! Press the Spin tab to spin the wheel. When the wheel lands on a coloured section, you can earn a prize. The different prize amounts for each colour are: Light Blue- £10, Yellow- £20, Purple – £30, Dark Blue – £100, Orange – £150, Green – £5000 and Red – £150,000.
  • 4th Game – Match Harley Davidson Motorbikes: On the screen of Harley Davidson Scratch Game, you can see Harley Davidson motorbikes. Your aim is to match 3 of them to win a prize. You can do so one by one or click on the Reveal All button.

Wagering Options

Get ready to play Harley Davidson Scratch Game by selecting your preferred ticket cost such as £0.50, £1, £2, £3, £5 and £10. Each ticket price offers 10 prize levels like £1000, £7500, £20,000, £45,000, £75,000 and £150,000, respectively. Once your tickets are bought, you can see 4 panels which represent the 4 games. Want to speed up? Use the Reveal All button to enjoy rapid and successive gameplay which continues until all selections are made. At any point, press the Stop button if you want to scratch the panels manually.

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