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Are you a fan of scratch and arcade games? Rejoice in the sight of Scratch 4 Emeralds. This entertaining variation of scratch card games allows you to have a zap of fun in just a few seconds. Yes, that’s what instant win games are for. Big fun in small amounts of time. Enjoy the green sparkling backdrop of the game that displays simple layouts and interface.

Want to play Scratch 4 Emeralds? Just register an account at Give Back Bingo. The game is open to all funded players of the bingo site. Want to know more about the game? Feel free to read through the following review where all the details are available. Ready to play?


Not all panels of Scratch 4 Emeralds game come with symbols. On panel one to two, you will get numbers. On panel four and three, you will get symbols like Wagon Wheel, Crown, Ring, Dollar Sign, Scale and Emerald Chip. The rewards vary with the symbols that you get in matching combinations of three.


Scratch 4 Emeralds is brought to you by two top game providers. These are Geco and Core Gaming. As these two publishers join hands to offer this entertaining instant win game, have fun playing the game via a mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Spot other top games of similar kinds at Give Back Bingo.

Key Features On Scratch 4 Emeralds

There are four scratch panels on Scratch 4 Emeralds. Each of these panels shares different gaming rules. But in the end, they are all instant win games and rely on a “reveal” technique. On the first panel, there will be six single number digits. If you get to number four, iconic for Scratch 4 Emeralds, you get a win not exceeding £25.

The second panel offers two calculations. Here, the number four is lucky as well. You may get wins of up to £100,000 if you get it. The third panel offers symbols and you need to click on the grid to reveal the symbols they hide. Get three identical symbols to get wins. The wins here are up to £100,000. The fourth-panel shares similar rules with panel 3, except this one offers numbers instead of symbols.

You might also get a random multiplier in the game. That way, you will further increase the pay-outs.

Wagering Options

To enjoy all the elements of Scratch 4 Emeralds, you need to click on the Buy Card option available at the beginning of the game. The cost of each card is set at a fixed rate of £5. Once you bought your cards, click on the Reveal button to play. The Other cards option allows you to access other variations of Scratch 4 games in the series.

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