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Go for the golden items on Scratch 4 Gold at Give Back Bingo. This entertaining game is another addition to the Scratch 4 Gold instant win games series. The game offers you four panels that come with various rules. If you enjoy scratch and arcade games at the bingo site, then this game is a must-try. Enjoy it whenever you want.

You will be brought against a beautiful background with golden colours. The four panels are displayed in a comprehensible manner. Nothing to confuse you in here. Check out the following review to know more about the game!


Let’s talk about the symbols first. Each panel of the game comes with a different symbol. Panel one and two show numbers but the rules are different. Panel three and four are for symbols. Symbols that you might encounter are a Cup, Dollar Sign, Ring, Scale, Gold Card and Gold Chip. When three or more of these symbols appear, you might get a win. Check out the paytable or continue to read to know about the situation that can grant you a win!


Scratch 4 Gold is brought to you by Geco – Core Gaming. These online game providers are quite popular since they have always offered quality games for players. If you want to play some other great titles by this online game provider, visit the bingo site and have some fun! You might play all of their games on a mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Key Features On Scratch 4 Gold

Four scratch panels are displayed in front of you when the game starts. Each panel comes with a different rule. On the first panel, you can earn wins of up to £5. The rule here is to get the number 4 among the six single digit numbers. For the second panel, you need to get the outcome of two math calculations as number four. Here, you might grab wins of up to £10,000.

The third panel will come with a 3x3 grid with hidden symbols. All you need to do is click on the grid to uncover the symbols. Match three and get away with some prizes. The fourth panel is also played similar to the third panel. But this time, there are values to match. Both of these panels have the highest win limit of £10,000.

Wagering Options

The stake on Scratch 4 Gold is set at £1. This value cannot be changed. It is displayed at the top right-hand corner. Click on the Buy card at the beginning of the game to purchase your cards. Once you’re done, you can click on the Reveal button to uncover the hidden values, symbols and numbers in the game. If you click on the Other Cards button, you can check out other variations of the Scratch 4 series.

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