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A calm blue ocean, lit up by the purples and pink of the sky just before sunrise is a beautiful view and it fills the screen of the Sunrise Reels Pull Tab. Instead of spinning the reels like on most slot games, you will peel back virtual tabs to uncover what combinations of symbols are hidden underneath. Grab any of your desired devices and have some fun gaming episodes!

Sunrise Reels Pull Tab comes with simple graphics. Since the game presents four tabs on each round, you have four chances to win. What’s more? There is no need to download any software or application to play the game. Simply hop over to one of UK’s online bingo sites – Give Back Bingo. It is available 24/7.


The plateful of symbols available on Sunrise Reels Pull Tab is as follows: Double Bar, Double Orange, Double Melon, Double Plum, Double 7, Double Grape and Double Bell. These symbols will aid you to create winning combinations.


Sunrise Reels Pull Tab is a production of Realistic Games. Known for being creative, the publisher is the one who initially launched pull tab games. Take a peek at some of its creations on Give Back Bingo!

Key Features on Sunrise Reels Pull Tab Game

The Double 7 Symbol on Sunrise Reels Pull Tab is none other than the Wild Symbol. Whenever it is seen on a successful line, it multiplies the winning line by 7x your total bet amount. The maximum payout per tab is set at 140x your total bet amount, while the maximum payout per game is set at 560x your total bet amount.

So, ladies and gents, get ready to have a glance at the Award Table on Sunrise Reels Pull Tab.

  • 3 Double Bar Symbols award 20x your stake
  • 3 Double Melon Symbols award 20x your stake
  • 3 Double Grape Symbols award 10x your stake
  • 3 Double Bell Symbols award 10x your stake
  • 3 Double Plum Symbols award 5x your stake
  • 3 Double Orange Symbols award 5x your stake

Wagering Options

Sunrise Reels Pull Tab can be played by setting up the preferred bet amount. Hop over to the Bet field and choose from the following stakes: 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100. Once you have selected the value, click on the start button to begin a game. Your bet will then be displayed, and the tabs will light up. Follow by pressing the start button or swipe the tabs to reveal the symbols.

Autoplay Feature is at hand on Sunrise Reels Pull Tab. It has 10, 25, 50 or 100 automatic game rounds. What’s more? The Autoplay contains several options where you can personalise your play. Take full advantage of it and have fun!

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