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Nowadays, there are countless old games which have had a makeover. These creations provide innovative gameplay with a touch of nostalgia. Tripoll online game is a bit similar. It is made of 6 rows and 6 coloured arrows. So, ladies and gents, are you ready for some gaming happenings? Grab your favourite iOS or Android device and play the game at any convenient time!

Tripoll online game comes with a nice background. You will find a pencil, a checked table napkin, a notepad and a hot coffee cup. The action takes place on an octagon dice board. When it comes to the visuals, they are cartoonish-style and well-crafted. Get started by logging into your account on one of UK’s online bingo sites – Give Back Bingo!


On Tripoll online game, there are no specific symbols since it is a scratch & arcade game. But if you want to play games crammed with symbols, features and different themes, hop over to Give Back Bingo. The website has countless titles up its sleeves for all tastes.


Tripoll online game is a production of IGT. This software engineer has made it to the top thanks to its ‘’amazing’’ work in the gaming sphere. What’s great? It aims to bring forward more creations which are bound to entertain you.

Key Features on Tripoll Game

On Tripoll online game, if the total of two dice pairs the number shown on the rows, you earn double the prize. Now if 3 of the dice displays the same value, you are granted triple prizes. During the gameplay, you will find 6 types of target figures, as follows:

  • A target of 3 or 18.
  • A target of 4, 5, 16 or 17.
  • A target of 9 or 12.
  • A target of 6, 7, 14 or 15.
  • A target of 8 or 13.
  • A target of 10 or 11.

Wagering Options

Tripoll online game is played like many other online games. That is, you are required to select the bet amount of your choice. Those values are as follows: £0.50, £1.00, £2.00, £3.00, £5.00 and £10.00. Once the amount is chosen, 3 dices will roll on the octagon board. There are 6 coloured arrows such as dark blue, yellow, pink, pale blue, orange and green.

The objective of Tripoll is to select and click on one of those coloured arrows. This will uncover the number and prize value. A cup will then show up to hide, roll and uncover the numbers of three dices. To get the corresponding cash price, the total values of the three dices should correspond to the number displayed on the arrows.

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