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As most of you know, Cleopatra has always and will always be one of the most important figures in Ancient Egypt. She is admired and idolised by many. It’s not about the love triangle she had with Mark Anthony and Julius Caesar, it’s always been about her intelligence and how she was such a great ruler in Egypt. You will be taken on a trip to the Nile to discover the mysteries of Ancient Egypt holds on Cleopatra Instant Win Game at Give Back Bingo. 


Let’s move onto the symbols that you will see rolling on Cleopatra Instant Win Game. You will find symbols like a Cartouche, Lotus and Scarab. The instant win game is packed with Instant Wins, Multipliers and Instant Doubler. 


Cleopatra Instant Win Game is designed and created by IGT (International Gaming Technology). One of the best game providers in the gaming industry. They were inspired by the Egyptian Queen thus the series of video slots was created based on Queen Cleopatra. 

Key Features on Cleopatra Instant Win Game 

Cleopatra Instant Win Game is packed with interesting features. But the best and main feature about this game is that you can win prizes by getting 5 identical Lucky Numbers. By discovering symbols, you can also be awarded an instant win up to 5x the initial prize amount. You can win up to five prizes in each game. A little tip when you play, your aim is to pair any of the Lucky Numbers to Your Numbers. 

During the gameplay, number 1 to 39 are used and after each round, you will have 15 Your Numbers and 5 Lucky Numbers. The Your Numbers are located on the right-hand side of the screen and you will see that the Lucky Numbers are on the left-hand side of the reels. All the Your Numbers are not identical, and all the Lucky Numbers are different from each other. 

A win is awarded when any of Your Numbers and the Lucky Numbers match. That’s when you will notice the Cartouche symbol and this is where your prize will be revealed. However, when it comes to the Lotus symbol, you may win Double the prize shown for that symbol. When a Scarab Symbol is revealed, you can benefit up to 5x the prize shown. 

It’s important to note that at least twenty chances will be granted to you to pair Your Numbers with the Lucky Numbers. When all the numbers have been revealed, the game will end. 

Wagering Options 

To begin your game on Cleopatra Instant Win Game, you will need to select your Ticket Cost in the Ticket Cost Field. Using the plus (+) and minus (-) arrows to select your Betting Value. The stake values vary from 1, 2, 4 5 and 10. Additionally, you could win up to 250,000, 150,000, 60,000, 25,000, 10,000 respectively per game. 

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