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Ghostbusters won the love of many cinephiles. You can enjoy its instant win game version from the comfort of your home. This instant win game, known as Ghostbusters Spectral Search does not have any reels or paylines. Instead, the gameplay revolves around several locations. What’s more? There is no need to download the game to set things rolling. Simply log into your account on Give Back Bingo!

On Ghostbusters Spectral Search, the background graphics are simply beautiful. They are dark but still very clear. When it comes to the locations, they are all creatively designed. Experience a thrill out of this online game through your favourite devices!


Symbols available on Ghostbusters Spectral Search are blue ghost, yellow ghosts, red ghosts, pink men, purple monsters, red devils and white ghosts. As you must have noticed, they are all related to the theme.


It seems like IGT was inspired by the Ghostbusters movie before crafting Ghostbusters Spectral Search. This online game has all the ingredients to entertain you right from the start to the end.

Key Features on Ghostbusters Spectral Search Instant Win Game

As soon as you have adjusted your bet amount, select from a range of six locations. They are known as Corridor, Restaurant, Roof, Alley, Library and Train Station. Head to the Location field to pick the preferred one. You will then notice that the selected place will become the background.

Watch out for the symbols on Ghostbusters Spectral Search! Catching one blue ghost, three yellow ghosts, three red ghosts, three pink men, three purple monsters, four red devils and four white ghosts can bring you 1x, 5x, 15x, 30x, 100x, 250x and 1500x your total stake amount respectively.

If you find a Green Monster in any of the places, you may get an instant win of £1 your bet amount. Keep an eye out on it! During the game, a ghost detector comes up with nine red panels on Ghostbusters Spectral Search. The aim is to correctly guess which of the nine panels hide the ghosts. It is good to note that you have only 5 clicks.

After the symbols have been revealed, they will add to the paytable. You will get to know how many ghosts you are left to capture. When the first-round ends, you can select another place where you get an extra 5 clicks. At the end of the round, if any combinations are completed, you reap that amount.

Wagering Options

Plunge into the gameplay of Ghostbusters Spectral Search and set up the desired bet amount! The betting options range from £10, £5, £3, £2 to £1 in the Ticket Cost Field. Once you have made your choice, click on Buy.

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