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Lil’ Lady Bingo is a table card game where you are bound to enjoy some fun gaming events! From the moment it loads up, you are greeted by two personable ladybugs. They will accompany you for the duration of your time spent playing. So, ladies and gents, are you ready to give it a shot? Take out your favourite mobile phone, desktop or tablet devices and enjoy the game!

The bingo board on Lil’ Lady Bingo is a standard layout structure. It is brought to life thanks to the beautiful 3D graphics. The action takes place within a background overlooking some vegetation. What’s more? No need to download anything to play this online title. Simply head over to one of the UK’s online bingo sites – Give Back Bingo to launch it!


There are no symbols available on Lil’ Lady Bingo since it is a table card game. If you are looking for creations packed with symbols, visit Give Back Bingo. It has several pages where you can cherry-pick slot games jammed with symbols.


Take a guess on the game provider of Lil’ Lady Bingo! It is none other than IGT. This publisher has made a good reputation for itself in the gaming sphere. Nowadays, it is one of the leading providers which is known for offering excellent games.

Key Features on Lil’ Lady Bingo

As soon as the game starts, you must pick between manual dabbing or automatic dabbing. If you choose the automatic dabbing, all the numbers are marked on its own on the card. Opting for the manual dabbing will give you the option to dab the numbers one by one.

This bingo offering has 25 squares, 5 lines and 5 rows. There are 3 squares marked as ‘Free’, which also act like the Joker. These spots are not required to be marked on the card. During the game on Lil’ Lady Bingo, you can win on different patterns.

Did you know that each pattern rewards distinct prize amounts? When all the numbers are marked on the card, you earn the highest of 1,500x your stake amount. Now if the ‘Z’ pattern has been dabbed, you win 25x your total stake.

The ‘X’ pattern can bring you 10x your total bet. When all the 4 numbers on the card are marked, you earn 2x your stake amount. Finally, you get 1x your total stake when one line has been marked.

Wagering Options

Get started on Lil’ Lady Bingo by selecting the bet amount in the Price field! The minimum bet is set at 1, while the maximum bet is set at 10. It is good to note that you have 35 draws from the bingo bowl. You will also come across two options on the display. They are Draw One and Draw All. Choosing Draw One will let you press on that tab 35 times. If you select Draw All, all the 35 balls will be called out automatically.

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