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Lucky Falls by IGT is a quite relaxing game that’s based on simple gameplay. All you need to do here is drop coins by the waterfall. This game particularly sets the bar for arcade game graphics high. That’s because all the visuals of Lucky Falls are truly great! Follow the simple yet entertaining gameplay by registering at Give Back Bingo and playing this Irish-themed arcade game. Ready to have a look at the features that might unfold when you play Lucky Falls? Keep reading!


There are no symbols on Lucky Falls since it is an arcade game. However, there are gemstones that might reflect the rewards you’re going to get. Check out more information on this below!


Want to know who is behind Lucky Falls? It is none other than IGT. The latter is known to produce great games of top quality and one of their top creations remain Cleopatra Slot. This game gained worldwide popularity and continues to be a hot favourite. Visit Give Back Bingo for more games by the maestro of gaming!

Key Features On Lucky Falls

You will have to drop your coins down the waterfall in the game. The coins will tumble and hit small rocks until they reach the buckets at the bottom of the waterfall. The aim of Lucky Falls is to get three coins in the same bucket and the prize displayed is yours.

Notice the sparkling silver pot in the middle? This is the pot of riches. Drop three coins in this particular pot to go behind the waterfall. There’s a vault that hides riches of all kinds. This instance is known as the Instant Win Bonus Round. Just stop the shuffle on any of the three gems as they are displayed. When it stops, you will get the mentioned prizes

You can use the Reveal All button to have the coins drop one by one. This feature is useful. That way you do not need to click on the top of the waterfall each time to drop down the coins. This tool can be cancelled at any time by clicking on the Stop Button.

Wagering Options

How about selecting the wagers of your choice? You might select seven-coin denominations at the beginning of the game. The values range from 0.50 to 10. By clicking on the ‘i’ icon at the top of the waterfall, you may adjust the values. Click anywhere to start the game.

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