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Wheel of Fortune Winning Words is an instant win game. It comes with a mixture of wheels and words to entertain you. In other words, you won’t find any reels nor paylines once you set things rolling. So, ladies and gents, get ready to experience a thrill out of it. First, you must open up the game through any device of your choices, such as a mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

On Wheel of Fortune Winning Words, you will find the wheel displayed in the centre of the screen. The background overlooks a dark sky decorated with shining stars. There is also a TV show music which accompanies your gameplay. Hop over to one of UK’s online bingo sites – Give Back Bingo and have fun!


There are no symbols available on Wheel of Fortune Winning Words since it is an instant win game. But if you want to play games packed with a series of symbols, visit Give Back Bingo. The website contains a plethora of slots up its sleeves.


Wheel of Fortune Winning Words is a production of IGT. This software virtuoso has created a reputation for itself. All thanks to the wide-ranging collection of games that it has crafted. You can have an insight on Give Back Bingo whenever you want.

Key Features on Wheel of Fortune Winning Words Game

On Wheel of Fortune Winning Words, each word may award an interesting prize. As soon as a value has been involved in each word, there will be 12 cards appearing on the screen. These are down-facing cards which cover letters. You may reveal the cards one by one by clicking on them. If you wish to reveal all the letters at once, simply press on ‘Auto-reveal’.

The revealed letters which are related to the words will then be highlighted. If all the letters are highlighted for any of the words, you will earn the prize amount that it contains. Wheel of Fortune Winning Words also comes with a surprise multiplier. You must spin the wheel again to win the multiplier. There are six multipliers in total. If the wheel halts on any multiplier amount, it will be added to your balance.

Wagering Options

Set going on Wheel of Fortune Winning Words by selecting the bet amount of your choice! Head to the Ticket Cost field and choose from 1, 2, 3, 5 to 10. Once it is done, there will be three words showing up on the game’s display. It is good to note that the wheel has three arrows which are of similar colours as the words displayed.

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